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Terms and Conditions for Review
  1. Any student who wishes to review their paper can apply to PMC online. The deadline for applying for review is 29th October 2021.
  2. There shall be two Review Options. Personal Review or Referral Review. A student is required to select in the Application which option the student wishes to avail.
  3. The review fee shall be;
    1. Referral Review Fee: Rs.3,500.
    2. Personal Review Fee: Rs.5,000.
    The fee shall be paid online at the time of applying or through bank challan.
  4. If the student elects a Referral Review, their paper will be de-encrypted and provided to a member of the independent Review Team nominated by the VC Quaid-e-Azam University. The paper shall be reviewed and the report provided to PMC which shall be further communicated to the student. The Referral Review shall be completed within 7 days of applying.
  5. If the student elects a Personal Review, the student shall be given an appointment at PMC head office for Paper Review. The appointment shall be at least three days after having applied. The student shall be required to bring their personal verification documents (CNIC/B-Form/Passport) at the time of the appointment.
  6. The students paper will be de-encrypted and the student will be shown to review on the secure terminal at PMC all the questions and answers that were marked as wrong in the students paper
  7. The student will have 60 minutes to review the paper. Students shall not be allowed to talk to each other or raise verbal objections. Any student doing so shall have their review cancelled. The review process will be recorded on CCTV system.
  8. At the time of the physical review only the student shall be allowed at the terminal and in the secure facility. NO other person shall be allowed to accompany the student
  9. The student shall be provided a Review Form. The student can list on the Review Form any question and its answer that the student finds falls in any of the following categories. No other objection will be considered as valid for purposes of the Review.
    1. Answer given in the Key is incorrect
    2. Question is incorrect.
    3. Correct Answer as per Key shown in the system but incorrectly scored
  10. The Review Form shall be signed by the student on completion of the review and handed back to the invigilator.
  11. The students Review Form and paper shall be referred to the Review Team to verify. The Review Team shall review each observation of the student contained on the Review Form and shall submit their report within 7 days of submission. If any error pointed out by the student is found to be correct, the corresponding score of the student shall be corrected and the Paper Review Fee refunded.
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